ERP & Accounting Software

System Overview

Siamsoft.NET Accounting Enterprise takes advantage of the new Visual Studio and MS-SQL Server features including master pages, code integration into the CLR, and easier to program web services!

Siamsoft.NET Accounting Enterprise is designed using Multi-Tier Dot Net Architecture, which means that all of the different program functions are separated into tiers, and each of these separate tiers of the system can be run on a different machine or on a group of
different machines for performance and scalability.

The system also has multiple presentation layers implemented in different languages, and each communicating to the database engine through the business logic layer, which was implemented using Web Services. Implementing this tier as a web service allows the
presentation layers to transparently interact with the back-end accounting engine either over a LAN, WAN, VPN, or the Internet.

Using tiers and web services also allows all of the presentation layers to interact with the accounting engine simultaneously, you can have multiple copies of the different presentation layers all interacting with the same accounting engine at the same time.

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 International Features

@ New Language Features! Easily Edit existing language translations, or add your own language through our new fully integrated Language Editor!

@ Siamsoft.NET Accounting Enterprise is multi-currency, and supports various models of VAT Taxation that allow the software to be used globally!

@ Use the Global Features in conjunction with the ASP Dot Net Interface, have the software in operation globally!

> Multi-Language
> Languages can inter-operate simultaneously!
> Switch Between Languages on the fly!
> Easily Edit, or Even Enter your own Language Translations!
> Multi-Currency!
> Bank Accounts in any Currency!
> Each Transaction can have it’s own currency!
> Bank Accounts in any Currency
> Unlimited Currency Support!
> Tracks Historical Exchange Rates
> Tracks Realized Currency Gains & Losses
> GST, VAT Sales & Purchase Tax
> Detail Line Item Tax Calculation


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